I'm a niche photographer. 

-Because I feel like I work best when I'm inspired.  

I specialize in flash photography and portraiture.  And, although I don't consider myself to be a car-lover, I love photographing cars. They are shiny, so my lights go nuts.  They are also a reflection of their owner, so I love posing the person and the car in a way that highlights their relationship.  

One-subject portraiture makes me tick.  I like the connection that I can get when I photograph and pose only one subject. I don't feel that when several people are in the shot. Because of this, I like to spend my energy on head shots, seniors, and newborns. Sometimes I capture milestones for other subjects as well, so I am open to all ages, but I would say most of my shoots involve the three types of subjects I just mentioned. 

My goal for shooting seniors is to allow his or her personality to shine for all of their friends and family to see. 

My goals for newborn photography is to interpret the baby in his or her real environment.  I want to capture the fleeting moments of infancy. I'm shooting for expressions, tenderness, creases and folds that would be forgotten if not forever recorded by a photograph. I'm not a beanbag baby photographer.  I get bored quickly, so if you have a picture you want that you have already seen 1,000 times on Pinterest, I'm probably not your girl. I want to capture your baby, the way he or she really looks and really lives. 

Contact me and allow me to make reality palpable in your photographs. You are vibrant and unique. Your pictures should be, too.